July 15, 2019 | Early deadline for financial aid

August 1, 2019 | Final deadline for applications

August 15, 2019 | Decisions made for inaugural cohort

September 1, 2019 | Start date for inaugural cohort

August 31, 2020 | Graduation date for inaugural cohort


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This is not a judgey question. It's super important to assess where you're at. Note that we don't care about the dollar amount! This is about your journey and we want to place you in a cohort with folks who you can relate to. Whether it's a job or self employed, how much of your income is from creating?
This is the place to show who you are and what you create. You can submit up to five links, and you can count on us to look at all of your links for 5 minutes TOTAL. So you could submit 1 link that's 5 minutes long, or maybe do 5 links at 1 minute each, or any where in between. There isn't one correct way to do this... so be creative. Here's some options: - Your website - Your social media - Audio or video links (send a timestamp if it's long format) - A written work (guess what? one minute is about 300 words) - A portfolio of works - A private link (plz send us the password too!)
Need help with links?
If you can't send a link or need to email or upload something special, then please click below and we'll respond with some options for submitting your work sample.
There's zero shame in asking for help! After talking to thousands of creators, we know that not every creator is in a situation to afford the full tuition. In fact the whole point of Culture Hustlers is that we all come from different means but share the same journey. There are brilliant, hard working creators out there who want to go full hustle and need support to do so! There are two types of financial aid for Culture Hustlers: Scholarship and Work Study. Each type of financial aid can be used for up to $1,000 of financial aid. If you apply for BOTH Scholarship and Work Study, you could receive a full ride.
There is a limited pot for scholarships for Culture Hustlers and so it's based on two things: NEED and MERIT. MERIT is based on your submitted work samples. If you'd like to be considered for a scholarship then tell us what your NEED is.
Workstudy is based on your ABILITY to contribute to Culture Hustlers. Some examples of past work study are: edit podcasts, write case studies, shoot/edit video, contribute illustrations, leading forum discussions, hosting film screenings, etc. If you'd like to be considered for work study, tell us about your ABILITY to contribute and to which areas.
Which cohort are you applying to? *
Your application can be considered for either or both cohorts. If you're applying for financial aid, we recommend you select both.