I spent summers as a teen in Atlanta. My dad - who was never really in one area for very long - lived here and I got to visit the bars he worked in. Atlanta is one of the best bar cities in the US. So pulling into town I hit the bourgeoisie bars, dive bars, karaoke bars, topless bars... all searching for the best place to get my drink on.


Atlanta also loves its bars and its churches... but what about a bar called "Church"? Grant Henry (AKA Sister Louisa) dropped out of seminary because his search for truth led him to art, using motifs of velvet jesus paintings, candid sayings like "Fuck Fear", and just plain old, nutty, tacky kitsch. When he opened his bar called "Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium" some local churches actually protested the name.


In this podcast he tells a story of a the local pastor coming in that is hilariously awkward but also lighthearted confrontational. Grant now has a second location in Athens GA, a retail shop called Church Merch, and he just bought a former kids camp and is turning it into "Sanctuary", a retreat that includes the motifs of his art and bars. This podcast covers unconventional business names, combining art & night life, and shouting hallelujah to big changes.