I flew out to Detroit because I wanted to return to my Michigander roots and learn from some some amazing working artists in the area. I discovered Ellen Rutt’s work through the Red Bull Artist’s Residency, where I quickly fell in love with her visual style on Instagram. Ellen is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work can be found on everything from album covers to eyeglass packaging to basketball courts, and whose murals bring life to cities around the world.


I wanted to ask her about the role of social media and self-promotion in an artist’s life. But what really made me excited about this episode was Ellen’s path to becoming a full-time artist, which included freelance design, a full-time job, and was not complete without a total breakdown. But the amazing part about Ellen’s story, and Ellen herself, is that she was willing to be completely honest and open up about how she made it through that difficult time in her life. And now she’s a real-deal artist and an inspiration to anyone who dreams of one day doing the same. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this one.



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