Every brand is different yet each one matters in a world where humans crave an emotional, borderline spiritual connection to what they consume. This unique sense of belonging that comes with a product or service concept is timeless, and simultaneously in the midst of a digital revolution. Authentic identity is a common driving force behind successfully manifesting this community driven mindset. You can have a great product or a top quality service, but without supporting the culture behind it you will be stuck in the mud. Customers get insight into the creative process and become armed with the right perspective to champion your product or service.


I proved it in June I went to Orlando Florida and met Nick Sambrato of Mama’s Sauce. It’s a letterpress shop, where machines that date back to the 19th century make advertising graphics for a very 21st century client list that includes Facebook among many others. Walking into Mama’s Sauce is like stepping into a wacky time machine. Printing presses are running like it’s the 1899 but the shop workers with play music through AirPods and monitor their steps with FitBits.


Nick was a really charismatic guy with plenty of anecdotes about broken fingers, alligators and his love of Gold Bond. He also got serious when discussing the search for investors and sacrificing his creative vision for an influx of capital. All of it came back to his passion for printing, which he discovered in his twenties when he stumbled upon a press in old man’s garage. He saw it as more than a hunk of old metal and created a demand for his handmade products, took the ball and ran with it.

Nick’s story demanded a visual competent. His machines are so unique, the products are so intricate, and the whole operation is just so raw that his words can only go so far. For Nick, I produced a podcast and video short for Culture Hustlers to share stories of creative entrepreneurs around the U.S.

Nick’s story creates a branded connection. Not only am I all-in on the mission of Mama’s Sauce, my friendship with Nick helped me understand an industry which completely baffled me beforehand.

- Axi



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