Jonatan Söderström, also known by his internet pseudonym Cactus, is a Swedish video game developer best known as co-designer and programmer of Hotline Miami (2012) and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015). Prior to that, he developed over 40 small video games.


"Variation can be good, but so can consistency. When I make games I try to keep them unified and to the point, so I don't drift off too far. It's also one of the reasons most of my games are so short, when I feel like I want to turn the game in a new direction I usually explore that new direction in a separate game instead.”


This further explains Söderström's unusually high output of concentrated games, most of which were developed within a span of two years.



  • Evan Greenwood says “The difficulty in Hotline Miami is core to the experience. It forces you to pay attention and keeps you in a state of adrenaline high.” Can incorporating difficulty into your work make it more addictive?

  • The violence in the game “made you feel dirty”. In your work, how can you give your audience guilty pleasures?