documentary TRAILER

Culture Hustlers is a documentary project that tells the story of artists, performers, writers, designers, and cultural entrepreneurs. The series follows BFA/MBA Lucas Spivey as he travels 30,000 miles across the US in the Mobile Incubator. Trailer is directed by Andrés Bronnimann.

CH#13 Crimson BIKES

Co-founding Crimson Bikes was a labor of love for Charles T James & Daisy Chiu. Charles tells his bicycle journey from Mississippi to Harvard, and Daisy shares her vision of adaptive cycling technologies for disabled riders.


A showcase of arts business models across the US! Featuring prankster Derek Erdman (Chicago, IL); metalsmiths Gabriel Craig & Amy Weiks (Smith Shop of Detroit, MI); multimedia artist Kristen Farr (San Francisco, CA); sign-makers from Tieton Mosaic (Tieton, WA); and artists from Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (Española, NM).


Starting as author and law student, now Jim runs the Boston chapter of Arts & Business Council and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. You'll know him as the author of "The Art of Spooning", the "Good Deed Guide", and a not-so-secret-now accordion player.


A ballerina and IP lawyer, Allyn now runs the Legal Link program for Locust Projects in Miami. She discusses trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property issues for visual and performing artists.


Being an actor & attorney have something in common for Paola Ferrer. Born in Puerto Rico, she's the ultimate side-hustler who now uses her performance skills to advocate at the  Massachusetts State House.


NEXT Producer Andrea Muraskin takes us on an exhibition tour of "Culture Hustlers: Artists Minding Their Business" at the Boston Center for the Arts, starring: Derek Erdman, Kristin Farr, SmithShop, Tieton Mosaic, and the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center.

CH#9 Dave Cambria & Frans Wetterings

Shooting “In The Bedroom” to “Brotherhood”, and commercial work from Volkswagen to Victoria's Secret, Frans & Dave have joined their talents for 20 years in Red Herring Motion Picture Lighting and now Red Sky Studios.

CH#8 Shawn Kolodny

When not running NYC clubs like Pink Elephant & Go, Shawn's creating installation art in Miami like the Fake Fulfillment Center... and someday a tank covered in glitter and diamond dust.

CH#7 Hilken Mancini

Rocking with The Monsieurs, Fuzzy, Shepherdess, slinging vintage at 40 South Street, Hilken co-founded Girls Rock Campaign Boston and Punk Rock Aerobics.

MakinG Noise in FLORIDA

Buying a '73 ambulance and hauling public art to Florida never felt so right. Popping up around the Sunshine state for conversations with artists and entrepreneurs.

CH#6 Jake Shapiro

PRX and Radio Public co-founder Jake Shapiro takes us through revolutionary Russia, marketing Two Ton Shoe, and the founding of the podcast format itself.

CH#5 Hellcats Inc.

Orlando graphic and apparel designers Clark Orr and Brittany Reagan "married" their talents in Hellcats Inc. Get ready for client war stories and tips on building brand.

CH#4 Christine Varriale

Editor-in-Chief of Allston Pudding Christine Varriale uses her econ degree to market music and thoroughly enjoy basement shows.


Installing the Mobile Incubator at the Boston Center for the Arts to create podcasts, workshops and consulting for Boston's cultural industries.


For 20+ years Rick has run the Comedy Studio and collaborated with Maron, Mirman, Gulman, Kirkman and more. And he just announced his move to Bow Market in Somerville, MA!


As a location scout and manager for Showtime, Warner Bros, and other studios, Ryan talks about dealing with cops, mobsters, celebrities and other challenges in making a creative project happen.

CH#1 Erin Robertson

Project Runway winner Erin Robertson talks about Utah -> Boston, dentalogy to design, and the spirit of "What's the worst that can happen?".


Have you ever wondered who made all this cool stuff around me? A short teaser on the Culture Hustlers podcast, interviewing artists, performers, writers, designers, and other cultural entrepreneurs on how they hacked their living by selling culture.