+ What do I learn?

Each of the 12 classes teaches a different step in a full business model. To find your own path, you'll experience true stories of full hustle creators and then apply their strategies into your business model through workshops. We work together on a shared business model (in the cloud) and each month give feedback on your progress.

+ Where do I start?

The classes are sequential and build on each other. Over and over we see creators try to put the cart before the horse. For example: it doesn't work to sell without knowing your values; or trying to market without knowing your audience; or trying to manage your time without knowing your vision. So we all start at the beginning!

+ Who’s in my class?

Each class is a focused cohort from different industries from across the US. All innovation comes from hearing new perspectives, so we curate each cohort for diversity.

+ How fast does it go?

It's at your pace, but its designed for you to tackle all 12 topics in one year as a community. This breaks down monthly into three case studies, one workshop, plus an hour long one-on-one. There's 36 case studies so you can watch, listen and discuss as a weekly habit (or binge ahead of time as needed).

+ What do I need?

A sense of adventure! But obviously you’ll need internet access for the classes and forums. For the one-on-ones, video chat is always best, so a webcam, mic, internet connection, but phone calls are okay too.

+ What’s the time commitment?

This is designed for busy hustlers so everything is flexible! Although we recommend going at a even pace each week, we expect that you're working hard on up and down projects. And some topics are just easier or harder for each individual, so give yourself between 6 - 12 hours a month.

A minimum commitment might take 6 hrs.

  • 1 hr: Digest the class page
  • 3 hrs: Digest three case studies
  • 1 hr: One on one vid call
  • 1 hr: Do the workshop

When you're stuck, a big month might take 12 hrs.

  • 2 hr: Digest the class page
  • 3 hrs: Digest three case studies
  • 1 hr: One on one vid call
  • 2 hrs: Digest two more case studies
  • 1 hr: Sketch the workshop
  • 1 hr: Another one on one call
  • 1 hr: And another one on one call!
  • 1 hr: Finish the workshop

+ How much does it cost?

The full year of 12 classes is $1,800, and that includes access to the online community for life. We break that cost down into $150/month payments. There are 12 classes arranged in 3 acts so you can take a break between acts if you need. And yes, tuition for Culture Hustlers is a 100% business expense!

Financial aid is available thru Scholarship (up to $1,000) and Work Study (up to $1,000), which can combine for a full ride. See more on the application page.

+ What if I don't get in?

Your application will be considered for one year from submission. A new cohort starts every four months.

September 1 start: Application due August 1

January 1 start: Application due November 1