Mobile Incubator brings communities together to have conversations inside mobile public art! We collect stories for a podcast and video series showing a diversity of ideas. Those podcasts & videos become part of the Culture Hustlers curriculum of case studies used to teach our creative business school!

We featured the Mobile Incubator at one of our FATVillage Artwalks. It was a big hit! Culture Hustlers is doing a wonderful job of telling the story and raising community awareness of the creative process. Think “perfect environment” for creative disciplines to thrive.
— Doug McGraw, FATVillage


$9 JAR OF PICKLES | Fermentation Fest

What makes local food better? Is it the taste? Or is it the story? We barnstormed Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg Wisconsin and asked 100+ people, "What local food would you be willing to pay double for?... And why?"

I view eating local as a way of voting and changing the world. So I put my money where I wanna see the change, and food is a great way to do it.
— Attendee at Fermentation Fest


Replacing a 2 mile viaduct with a brand new tunnel put $3.3 billion on the line. So Seattle launched a public festival “Goodbye Viaduct/Hello Waterfront” in February of 2019. We invited the public into our “time machines” and discovered that rational decisions about taxpayer money are very emotional after all!

Mobile Incubator provided a unique experience for the 70,000+ attendees to share their stories and reminisce about Seattle in a meaningful way. It was great being able to capture the public’s feelings and memories and the trailers added to the overall visual interest which attracted people to come see what it was all about.
— Maija McKnight, Public Art Program Manager, City of Seattle