THE ORIGINAL MOBILE INCUBATOR is a showcase of American creative enterprise. The structure is a completely overhauled 1957 Shasta camper, an American icon of industrial design by Robert Gray. Shasta sold the largest volume of all trailers in the ‘canned ham’ era of campers - 1940s through the 1970s - and the lightning stripe on its side has been replicated by numerous SOBs (Some Other Brand).  

The interior of the Mobile Incubator showcases contemporary design products such as a mosaic table designed by artist Kate Jessop, laser cut signage by Tieton Mosaic and sconces by GrayPants Inc. The upholstery is from Pendleton Woolen Mills and artist Michèle Fandel Bonner. The walls of the Mobile Incubator are a 1,000+ piece wooden mosaic hand constructed by Lucas Spivey. The incubator was constructed at Mighty Tieton, an artisan business incubator in Central Washington State.


+ 1957 Shasta camper, 15’8” long, 6’6” wide, 7’10” tall, 2,300 pounds

+ Towed by a 1973 Ford Econoline Canadian ambulance, 3,000 pounds

+ 200 watt solar system with 250 amp hours, 12 and 110 volt system 

+ Propane stove and fridge (with electric back up)  

+ Satellite powered internet  

+ Conference & podcasting equipment

+ Ambulance & camper are insured for $2 million liability, additional $1 million general liability.

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behind the Scenes of cREATING the Mobile Incubator